Harris-Sachs, LLC


Harris-Sachs have been Licensing Consultants to Manufacturers since our founding in 1991. Over the years we have had many requests to represent property owners. Our core business, expertise and mission is based on representing and fulfilling the needs of manufacturers.

In an effort to fully service our clients and industry, we have formed a strategic relationship with Synergy Licensing LLC, a first rate Licensing Agency. We are now able to recommend Synergy Licensing to those rights holders seeking to maximize the financial aspects of their intellectual property.

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Licensing veterans Karen Diamond and Randi Goodman have joined forces and are the principals of Synergy Licensing, LLC. Synergy offers clients a proven and award-winning track record of building entertainment, character, corporate, fashion, celebrity and sports brands into widely successful merchandise and retail franchises. The agency takes the unique position of being a generalist agency specializing in all arenas, offering expertise in a myriad of category sectors while building properties into viable, profitable, long-term licensing programs.

Synergy Licensing draws upon a hybrid mix of large and boutique agency approaches, offering the experience and expertise of larger established agencies, combined with the creativity and senior-level client support that is the trademark of smaller firms.

They take pride in their unique ability to assist property owners by gaining a clear understanding of the meaning of their brand, its goals and objectives. Synergy Licensing pulls from its vast experience and creatively develops a customized strategy, specific to achieving those goals. With a wealth of industry contacts and relationships, they are proactive in the process and efficiently and effectively enter virtually every licensed product category and retail sector. Specifically tailored promotions, tie-ins and merchandise programs are formulated for potential retail partnerships across all channels of distribution.

Synergy Licensing knows how to interpret your brand's potential and maximize its exposure in the marketplace.