Harris-Sachs, LLC



Steve and Jim have 50 years of combined experience in licensing. Having spent considerable time, on the “manufacturing side” sourcing and negotiating licenses, they understand completely their client’s needs. In addition, because of their experience in marketing and distribution, they know what it takes to bring product to market. Harris-Sachs does not conduct licensing business at “arms length”. If needed, they have, and will go on sales calls with their clients to buyer’s offices. Knowing the buyer and consumer mentality in relationship to product and license properties gives Harris-Sachs the edge over other licensing professionals.


Having been there at the beginning of the licensing boom in the 80s and experiencing all the changes since then gives Harris-Sachs a wealth of knowledge and contacts unparalleled in the industry. Where do I get a license? How much do I pay for a license? Who do I talk to? What license would be the best fit for my product? Knowledge is power. Harris-Sachs KNOWS!

Harris-Sachs, LLC

New Jersey Office:
159 Brandon Court, Neshanic Station, NJ 08853
Phone: 908-369-5358   Fax: 908-369-7617
E-mail: SteveH@licenseadvisor.com
Pennsylvania Office:
20 Delaware Rim Drive, Yardley, Pennsylvania 19067
Phone: 215-493-4984   Fax: 215-493-5398   Cell: 215-327-4944
E-mail: JimS@licenseadvisor.com

New strategic alliance formed with Synergy Licensing LLC 


Most importantly Harris-Sachs, LLC’s partners are charter members of LIMA, Steve served on its Board and they have been profiled many times in various trade publications. References are readily available. Even our competitors will verify our deserved reputation for honesty and effectivness.